Our Approach

Fleet-Net’s team approaches each implementation with the primary goal of completing your project on time, within budget and exceeding your expectations. We have a reputation of representing your interests while being able to develop technically sound and cost effective solutions with the project team. We provide practical answers, which actually work in the transit industry, not just on paper.

At Fleet-Net we make our customers lives easier and their work more valuable. To us, it’s not about the software, it’s about the solution. It’s not about the product, it’s about the process. It’s not about the sale; it’s about your success.The primary reason we are able to facilitate teamwork between Fleet-Net’s staff and transit staff is because we keep friendly and open lines of communication.As special problems or concerns arise we work diligently to resolve the issue quickly. We also have in place procedures to reduce the number of issues, for example, after the data conversions are completed Fleet-Net requires “Comparative Reporting” between the new system and the old system to ensure data integrity. At the end of each contract Fleet-Net makes an assessment. Often times we find many companies overlook this step, which is an important phase of the project. After completion it is crucial to measure the results to verify that all the requirements of the project are evaluated to identify problem areas as well as successes. This will ensure goals were met allowing for new ideas and possibilities.Finally, relationships are the key ingredient to any successful venture of any magnitude.  We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain long-lasting business relationships with our clients.  We believe that trust, integrity, commitment and communication are the ideals that make us stand out as a company that will move us forward in the next generation as your number one software provider.