Why Fleet Net

  • Robust Comprehensive Software Suite
  • Single Vendor with a Total Solution
  • Our ability to interface to products of your choice
  • Fleet-Net’s commitment – emphasis on training/implementation
  • Assisting with Business Plan Improvements
  • NTD is integrated into our software package
  • Fleet-Net is the only Transit Specific Software provider
  • Customer Support exceeds all others
  • Our ability to convert data

Success Factors

The following outlines the success factors of all Fleet-Net’s Transit Specific installations:
  • Fleet-Net’s Transit Specific Software experience
  • Our ability to convert data successfully
  • Eliminate manual monthly, quarterly and annual NTD Reporting
  • Required NTD Reporting is captured in Fleet-Net’s software suite
  • Due to a complete interfaced modular system, the customer eliminates duplicate entries therefore reducing margin of error improving overall job performance
  • Fleet-Net’s ability to interface to existing software i.e. fare boxes, fuel islands etc.
  • Projects are completed within proposed time frames
  • Fleet-Net’s technicians untiring commitment to getting the job done
  • Emphasis on “hands on” training
  • Assist with Business Plan Improvements and Processes
The following outlines the success factors of why Fleet-Net has long term, open and friendly business relationships with both management and end users:
  • “Live”, non-automated customer support – person not a prompt
  • Readily available for any and all customer concerns
  • Willingness to consider customer product suggestions
  • Releases that keep our customers current with the latest Fleet-Net software
  • Approachable
  • Quick Response to customer
  • Ability to prioritize customer support i.e. Payroll and Network issues
  • Open lines of communication
  • Fleet-Net products accommodate the customer’s needs to meet state requirements i.e. PERS, unemployment reporting
  • Dedication to long term business relationships.