Fast Cut

Fleet-Net Fast Cut is a versatile product that processes the Public Schedules Timetables database into vehicle blocks and operator run assignments.

The Fast Cut module is intended to save time in drafting assigned runs, vehicle blocks, driver’s manifest and bus assignments. Vehicle usage is optimized through automatic blocking. Routes may be interlined for vehicle assignments. Runs may be cut automatically or manually. Straight runs, split runs or multi-piece runs can be easily managed. User specified set-up parameters make Fast Cut user friendly. Fast Cut requests global parameters that require minimal time to set up and should changes in work rules occur, modification of set-up parameters could help avoid costly program changes.

Fast Cut generates statistical reports such as Miles Per Route, Hours Per Route, and Vehicles Per Route. Another informative report is the Sign-Up Variance Report (found under Operator Timekeeping application) which compares the pay hours between two sign-ups.