Fixed Assets

This is an accounting module that is a comprehensive depreciation system.  Depreciation is recorded by individual asset, grant and funding sources.  Journal entries to the general ledger are automatically generated.

For each asset, original cost, estimated life, depreciation method, asset class code, funding sources, acquisition date, location and salvage value are maintained.  Assets can be separately accounted for and differentiated based on location.  Fleet-Net provides an attachment feature that allows the warranty pictures or any scan able item to be attached to a specific asset and can be viewed by users.

Capital grant, asset number, asset category and location track fixed assets and depreciation.  Depreciation accounting is done according to the percentage of federal, state, local and operator funds used to acquire the asset. Multiple grant allocation can be entered for each asset.

Monthly and accumulated depreciation are reported in addition to year to date and month to date figures and net book value.