General Ledger

This application allows for a user-defined chart of accounts with up to a three-digit division and ten-digit account coding structure.

In addition, existing accounts can be translated into any user specified cross-reference structure for external reporting purposes.  Account numbers up to 26 digits can be specified. This facilitates reporting of financial data for external requirements.

Fleet-Net provides for interfaces between Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Inventory, Work orders, Fixed Assets, Grants Management and Vehicle Maintenance into the General Ledger. This is done by placing journal entries to a journal holding file that contain all entries from source systems. System is a double entry system – debits and credits must balance before holding files can be transferred to the General Ledger.  Journal entries may be posted to the G/L at user’s discretion as long as postings are in balance.

The system allows for general journal postings as well as prior period adjustments that affect life or year to date totals, without affecting current period figures on the monthly financial statements.  Other accounting tools include reoccurring journal entries, accrual/reversal postings, project tracking with encumbrances, and auto posting surplus or loss.

Fleet-Net features include a full set of Financial Reports, monthly budget capabilities, comparative analysis capabilities, multiple general ledgers by departments, colored graphs for visual reporting, consolidated financial reporting, budget projection and G/L on-line inquiries.

Budget Planning

Fleet-Net provides a budget planning tool that will assist in planning and forecasting next year(s) historical budget information.   Has the capability to drill down by line items and journal entries.  Allows for adjusting a budget up or down within a range of account(s) based on class codes.

Budget Planning has the ability to select one or more divisions within a fiscal year that can be exported to MS Excel for editing purposes and then imported back into Fleet-Net.