Human Resources

Human Resources Solutions Software Suite Package

Our Human Resources Solutions track and maintain pertinent information.  For example job applications may be recorded to help keep track of applicants on file and the disposition of applications.  Job recruitment is used to record cost affiliated with a job posting.

Other employee information such as salary, job information, absence tracking, and benefits can be tracked.  Dependent information can also be recorded.  Disciplinary action may be tracked using Discipline Citations.  Fleet-Net Human Resource Solutions module will keep track of FMLA leave, in hours.  This will help the HR department determining if an employee has any more FMLA leave available for a calendar year.

User defined transaction codes allow for unlimited employee history recording. These records may be displayed for easy access or printed out in report form.  Codes can be created for attendance tracking, award records, disciplinary history, medical exams, rule violations, uniform allowance, discipline warnings, pay raise history, etc.  Once codes are developed and data is entered, reports can be created using the stored data for report writing capabilities.

Random Test Setup and Selection is available.  The user defines by job class, which group to select for testing.  A report is printed out with the selected employees for testing.  Each time the test is run, different results could occur.  The program randomly selects out the sample size.  Fleet-Net will generate a letter that can be given to the employee notifying them that they have been selected for testing, this letter is user defined.

Physical information can be tracked to determine when an employee’s physical expires, along with any correspondence related to informing an employee of a physical.  This section of the modules keeps a list of all physicians entered. Various reports can be written to view this information.