Inventory Management Software/Solutions Master Maintenance Screenshot

The Inventory Management Software/Solutions Module is designed to assist in managing, tracking; and maintaining inventory, costs and quantities through Purchasing, Receipts, Invoices, Issues and associated costs.  Inventory Adjustments, Transfers and Physical Inventory Counts are also processed using this module.  The Automatic Reorder process provides the ability to manage minimum and maximum stock levels for auto-generation of Purchase Orders, which may be adjusted before placing the purchase orders.

Daily Service Issues in Vehicle Maintenance and Work Order Issues are interfaced with the Inventory Management Solutions Module and are capable of automatically reducing the level of inventory and interface with the General Ledger.  Adjustments to inventory can be processed at any time.  Multiple inventory locations may be tracked.

PO Invoicing computes the average costs for each item and updates the invoice information to Accounts Payable.  This method of average costing is a standard practice used by the transit industry.

Historical data is always available and maintained within the Inventory Management Software/Solutions Module to assist in reporting, analyzing and auditing purposes.

Physical inventory counting and cycle counting are made easy using Fleet-Net’s Fast Track module, which can utilize the inventory bar code system.