Payroll Processing

Payroll Software Employee Master Setup

Payroll processing is a versatile payroll software system that calculates and tracks straight time, various overtime categories, and special pay.  In addition, mandatory deductions such as federal, state, and local taxes are handled along with all voluntary deductions.

Payroll data, including pay rate, seniority date and job classification are maintained for each employee.  Employee attendance data, including regular, overtime, sick, vacation and personal time are maintained and reported.

Payroll Processing is linked with Operator Timekeeping to make gross pay computations, distribute transactions to the  proper FTA NTD expense object classes, compute relative fringe benefits and update files for preparation of forms 321, 331, 402, and 404.

Total hours associated with route/run segments are automatically processed by the payroll software system for driver’s pay, broken down by transit specific time category.

Payroll cycles can be specified by employee.  Deductions are completely user specific.  Specific pay periods (such as first and third of the month) can be specified for each deduction.

All tax tables (including SIT, SDI, SUI, FIT, & FICA) are parameter driven; therefore, easily maintained.

The payroll master file, including employee files, tax files and deduction files can be accessed for inquiry purposes.