Purchase Orders

Fleet-Net Purchase Order processing system allows for entry of purchase orders, updates related inventory files, and maintains a file of outstanding purchase orders for management review.   Purchase Orders may be authorized by a Pin number for any set dollar amount.

PO’s can be printed with an “order from” address, while accounts payable checks are directed to another mailing address.  The purchase order also indicates both a “ship to” and “bill to” address for your organization.

To assist in getting your received merchandise on the shelf quicker, a Receiving Document indicating purchase order information and both the vendor and in-house item number is available.  This document also specifies the warehouse bin location where the item should be stored.

Purchase orders entered via this system automatically update quantity on-order in inventory.  Receipts against purchase orders add to quantity on-hand and decrease quantity on-order.  PO Invoice Update computes inventory values and posts transaction data to accounts payable.

Vendor master and purchase order master files can be accessed for inquiry and reporting purposes.