Service Desk

Fleet-Net has developed Service Desk to track complaints and compliments along with other user-defined categories that can be utilized through Customer Service.  Standard reports include Service Desk Exceptions Report, Summary Report along with various Miscellaneous Reports.  Distribution capabilities include Intranet and Internet utilizing installed email.

The Service Desk module is intended to be used to record, store, and track complaints, compliments, and commendations.  The module allows entry of complaint; compliment or commendation data at the time the information is received.  Completed complaint reports are forwarded to designated department(s) for response.  Exception reports are generated for complaints that have not been forwarded to the department, or complaints that are not completed or verified.

Service Desk has security features that allow for confidentiality and accountability to be in place. These features will allow Management to maintain a record of complaints and compliments that are reported from customers.