Timekeeping consists of a series of programs designed to allow the user to track employee time in a variety of methods. The employee time recorded is ultimately transferred to the payroll module for the purpose of cutting employee pay checks. Currently, the module allows for three different methods of tracking employee time.

The first option allows the employee to “clock in” and “clock out” via a pc utilizing the Timekeeping module which will calculate how much time has elapsed from the point of clocking in to clocking out. The time calculated is then transferred to payroll once approved.

The second option is in the form of an electronic timesheet usually used by administrative personal but not limited to.  Using this second option each employee will access the program and fill in the pertinent data relating to the check cycle that is about to be processed. Once the required data has been entered they can then select the option which will bring up the days of the week for the paycheck cycle and they will enter how many hours they worked each day. Other types of pay such as sick, vacation and holiday can also be entered and is controlled by the pay code that is selected.

All employees must approve their timesheet before it moves to the next level of manager approval. Once managers approve time sheets they are ready to be transferred to payroll.

Both of the methods described above will create labor transactions in the payroll module which can be edited if needed.

The third option is a custom interface to a time clock of your choice.  For Example: The Schlage Time Clock has an export option which allows the employee time to be exported out in a variety of methods. Within Timekeeping the location of the exported file is entered into the default path. Once imported into Fleet-Net the time can be printed, approved and then transferred to payroll.