Vehicle Maintenance

The Vehicle Maintenance system is designed to monitor vehicle maintenance activities and associated costs.  Preventative maintenance inspections, tire usage/costs, and general maintenance activities are recorded. Other Assets such as buildings and equipment can also be tracked.

Each vehicle is assigned a unique identification number and grouped into a Fleet according to make, model, purchase date, etc.  Pertinent Fleet and vehicle information, such as, vehicle type, status, year, fuel capacity, seating capacity, expected MPG, and tire cost are also maintained.

Vehicle service work is entered into the system on a daily basis.  As the daily service information is entered, costs are computed and appropriate general ledger transactions are generated.

Performance information is available for each vehicle and Fleet.  Inventory levels of items used (such as fuel and oil) are automatically reduced as usage is updated by the system.

Automated Parts Catalog

Fleet-Net’s Parts Catalog is a feature which allows users, primarily maintenance staff and/or mechanics to check inventory stock for needed parts and/or order parts that are not in stock.

Fleet-Net technicians use the fleet’s manufacturers’ catalog to build the Parts Catalog. OEM numbers, descriptions, quantities, images and other fields are set up during this process.

Utilizing the Parts Catalog form users also have to option to use a ‘Hot Spot’ feature. The ‘Hot Spot’ is another feature that is setup by a Fleet-Net technician that will allow users the option to click on the part they want from a picture rather than using the parts list.