Vehicle Problems / Road Calls

Vehicle Problem reporting can be used to interface Transportation and Maintenance departments by allowing dispatchers to record Road Calls and driver reported defects into the system as they are reported. A Work Order is generated as well as a Road Call report for the mechanic.

Safety related defect reports become Work Orders instead of Road Calls. Non-safety related defects maybe deferred and assigned on the next work order generated by PM checklist.

Management inquiries and reports include problems by vehicle, driver, problem code, and mean time between failures. Instead of just recording the symptoms, now you can identify the cause of problems and work to eliminate them.

When the information is entered into the Road Call form it can be printed and a Work Order is automatically generated. Upon closing the Work Order the Road Call form is automatically closed. A Problem Correction Notice can be printed to inform the driver that the repair has been completed.

LTD miles at time of failure, miles since last occurrence, minimum miles and maximum miles between failures are automatically updated for each vehicle any time Road Call or defect is reported.