Customer Testimonials

METRO RTA in Akron Ohio has been a customer of Fleet-Net for approximately 40 years. I have been the Manager of I.T. since 1998 and have worked closely with Fleet-Net’s software and the Fleet-Net employees. Sometimes I’m asked what transit software we use and I’ll reply “Fleet-Net, we use them for everything!” METRO RTA uses almost every module that Fleet-Net has to offer from Asset Management Tracking, Planning and Scheduling, Finance, Payroll, Human Resource Management, Operations, Statistical Reporting, Inventory Management, and Procurement. My relationship with Fleet-Net over the years has been great. The employees are very approachable and friendly and will go the extra mile to make sure your software needs are met and the end product is what you wanted. If your transit authority needs a special program or report that’s not in the Fleet-Net package, that’s not a problem. Call or email Fleet-Net the description of what you need in a report or program and Fleet-Net will work with you to make it happen. An example would be the interface with Avail Technologies. After contracting with Avail as our CAD/AVL vendor we needed Fleet-Net to export our public schedule data to Avail. Avail provided the specs for the export and within about 8 business days Fleet-Net had created an export program for Avail. Over the course of the Avail installation we asked Fleet-Net to make modifications to the export program to provide calculated intermediate stop data which would improve our on time predictions in Avail and Fleet-Net was able to turn that around in a couple of days. METRO RTA has had a great working relationship with Fleet-Net and we look forward to many more years with them.

Mark Hobson
Data Systems Manager
Metro RTA
416 Kenmore Blvd
Akron, Ohio 44301
Voice 330-564-2265
Fax 330-762-0854

Valley Transit has been a Fleet-Net customer for over twenty years. During that time we have found their products to be flexible, full-featured, and easy to use. The training and support has been great and is customizable to our needs. Fleet-Net updates their products regularly, keeping up with changing industry standards, reporting requirements, and advances in technology. When the FTA began requiring agencies to have a detailed asset management plan, Fleet-Net’s timely development of an Asset Management module to schedule maintenance, track compliance and fulfill reporting requirements, made compliance these new regulations much easier. In addition, their updates to the Payroll module to address the ACA’s new employer reporting requirements, allowed us to compile the required data and report using their computer generated forms.
Valley Transit relies on Fleet-Net’s fully integrated management information system for: Payroll Processing, Operator Timekeeping, Public Schedules, Revenue and Ridership, Human Resources, Inventory, Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Vehicle Maintenance, Vehicle Problems, Work Orders, Tire Tracking, NTD Reporting, Easy Sample, Fixed Assets, and Asset Management.
Fleet-Nets design makes it easy for new employees to effectively transition into their new roles in a very short timeframe. Each time we have added a new module, Fleet-Net staff has been on-site to provide hands on training, answer questions and help us through the transition. The trainers are knowledgeable, eager to please, and willing to take a little extra time to ensure the system is setup to our needs. When have needed customization or special reports, Fleet-Net’s staff has gone out of their way to make sure we have an effective solution.
Fleet-Net has proven to be a solid and cost effective investment that continues to meet our operational needs and allows us to fulfill our accounting and reporting responsibilities with limited staffing.
I would recommend Fleet-Net to anyone seeking a comprehensive user friendly software package with customer focused support.

Edwin D. McCaw, CPA
Deputy General Manager
Valley Transit
1401 West Rose Street
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Our Runcutting process has been greatly streamlined with Fleet-Net. It has the flexibility to set desired parameters to satisfy contract rules and has significantly reduced the amount of time to create work runs. A variety of reports are available for both the pre bid and post bid process. The driver run paddle is among the most popular and is provided in a detailed but easy to read format. With Fleet net’s automated trip builder, we are able to implement service changes in a timely manner with confidence that errors will be reduced and operating data will be enhanced.

Emery Rendes
Transit Planner
Golden Empire Transit District
1830 Golden State Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93301

“VRT has utilized Fleet Nets comprehensive software package as our main support database for all functions related to operations, maintenance and budgeting for over 15 years. In this time, the Fleet Net organization has established an exceptional working relationship with VRT through its customer focused business model that is geared toward customer training, software support, on-going software enhancements (to meet new regulatory requirements) and providing highly skilled and motivated technicians who are prepared to match intelligent solutions through the fleet net application to an organizations specific needs. As such, I would recommend Fleet Net to any organization pursing a competent transportation solution for managing day to day operations.”

Billy E. Wingfield II
Operations Director
Valley Regional Transit
700 NE 2nd Street, Suite 100
Boise, ID
Office: (208) 258-2726
Mobile: (208) 350-1938

September 9, 2016
To Whom It May Concern:
The Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority (CCRTA) has been utilizing Fleet-Net’s Financial Suite, Payroll, Human Resources, Procurement Suite, Maintenance Suite plus the Timekeeping and Service Desk (Complaints and Compliments) applications.
In 2014, CCRTA issued an RFP for an ERP system to determine what other vendors may provide what Fleet-Net currently offers. After an exhaustive search, we decided to remain with Fleet-Net as they were the only company that provided a Total Solution Transit Specific Software package.
We are pleased with our decision and appreciate the exceptional support and service that we receive from them. We have had a working relationship with Fleet Net since 2000. The Fleet Net support technicians are very knowledgeable and helpful. We look forward to a long lasting business relationship. Open lines of communication is key and we appreciate their willingness to listen to our suggestions.

Mary Ann Merlin
Systems Technician
Office: 361 – 289 – 2712
Direct: 361 – 903 – 3473

Rockford MTD utilizes Fleet-Net’s Finance/ Maintenance and Asset Management Products
Fleet-Net products and service far exceed any expectations we may have had. I feel this is because the only customers they have are Transit Providers which makes the entire process that much easier.
They are able to provide insight and recommendations based on their experiences with their customers.
Fleet-Net’s staff worked tirelessly alongside my staff to make sure our agency will be utilizing Fleet-Net’s product to its fullest potential. Training and implementation was a great success.

We are very satisfied with the decision we made and look forward to a long lasting business relationship.

Rick McVinnie
General Manager
Rockford MTD

I would have to say the biggest difference with FN is that the system is easy to use and the customer service is fantastic.
I’m completely bias, because I have never worked with one of FN’s competitors…but I have worked with financial software for 15 years. I’ve worked with software that was way too difficult for what we needed so we didn’t use all of it to its fullest potential and I’ve worked with software that was way too simple for what we needed so it didn’t have everything we needed. FN is complex, yet simple…it’s easy for the end users (in my opinion, the most important) and for those of us that also have to maintain the databases but aren’t exactly IT personnel. I know for those that are IT personnel, it may seem super basic because it’s “just an Access database”…but it works perfectly for small-medium transits!! We don’t need some huge, expensive, complicated system. FN gives us EVERYTHING that we need to run a transit system. It truly is an enterprise system for transit agency…it caters to all of our needs.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Amy Burnett, MLD-FL | Assistant Controller
CityBus | 1250 Canal Rd., P.O. Box 588, Lafayette, IN 47902
(p) 765.420.2966 | (f) 765.742.4729
aburnett@gocitybus.com | www.gocitybus.com


Date:  August 28, 2017

To: Friends

From: Eric Broga

Re: Fleet-Net

Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit has been with Fleet-Net since 1990. Our organization uses multiple modules throughout the different departments. We have watched the software technology grow through Fleet-Net. I remember when we first purchased Fleet-Net in Windows Dos version. A lot has changed from Comet and gotten better for Fleet-Net. Working with the staff of Fleet-Net has always been great. Fleet-Net has become like family to the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit. Whenever we have problems, Fleet-Net has always went beyond working on the issues. Fleet-Net has designed there software around Transit, which keeps growing as things change for our industry.  I love using it in our Maintenance department for PM inspections, Work Orders, Inventory, Requisitions, Purchase Orders, HR, Vehicle Maintenance, Asset Management and Daily Service. I will always recommend Fleet-Net to any other Transit or Fleet companies.

Eric Broga

Director of Maintenance

Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit

1101 E.  University Avenue

Urbana, IL 61802-2009

Work – (217)384-8188

Cell – (217) 369-9246