Transit Software bus shelter

With the belt tightening on funding for transit agencies nationwide, many are looking for a software company that can do it all.  That means no collaboration with multiple companies to get the software needed to efficiently run their agency.  Fleet-Net is a single vendor with a total solution.

FTA regulations and requirements often change and transit agencies need a software vendor that can comply with those changes without disrupting day to day business.  NTD mandates that many transit agencies submit data for statistically reporting.  Fleet-Net eliminates manual monthly, quarterly, and annual NTD Reporting.  This data is captured throughout our software suite resulting in accurate reporting submissions.

Fleet-Net Corporation is the vendor that evolves with the ever changing transit demands.  We have been in the transit business for over 30 years.  We offer a total software package that exceeds your expectations.  Our staff understands customer needs and the importance of providing a comprehensive training approach.

Our ability to interface to other equipment needed to operate a transit agency will surpass our competitors.  We place emphasis on our ability to convert data.  We welcome open lines of communication.  This allows us to remain transit agencies best choice.  We work hard to provide a product and service that our customers appreciate.

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